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Enmore Memorial Hall - Photo by Teresa Davis


March 2024 (draft)


15 January 2024 (extraordinary meeting)


2 January 2024


November 2023


September 2023

July 2023


16 May 2023 Annual Parish Meeting (draft)


2 May 2023


March 2023


January 2023

November 2022

September 2022


July 2022


31 May 2022


Parish Assembly May 2022


24 May 2022


Please contact the Clerk if you need additional historic minutes earlier than the 2 year record shown on the website.


Enmore Parish Council meets every other month starting in January on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30 pm in the Enmore Memorial Hall, which is adjacent to Enmore Park Golf Course (Hall postcode is TA5 2AN).


In May there is an extra meeting, normally on the last Tuesday in the month, to accommodate the Parish Council Annual Meeting and the Annual Parish Assembly and this starts at 7.30 pm. The public are invited to attend all meetings and may participate at the beginning of the meeting in public question time when they can bring up issues of concern and importance to Parishioners.


Members of the public may also comment, at the Chairman's discretion, on planning applications both for and against any proposed development. The Chairman manages the meetings under the guidance of the adopted Standing Orders and Code of Conduct. Members of the Public may not contribute to the rest of the business meeting unless invited by the Chairman on a point of clarity or specialised knowledge.

Future Meeting Dates

Tuesday 7th May 2024 for Annual Parish Meeting and May Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 14th May 2024 for Village Assembly
Tuesday 2nd July 2024
Tuesday 3rd September 2024
Tuesday 5th November 2024

2025 dates will be confirmed but are expected to be the first Tuesday of odd months for normal Parish Council meetings with the Village Assembly on the second Tuesday evening of May.

Agendas are published and posted in the village notice boards at least 3 clear days before Council meetings, as well as being posted on the Enmore Parish Council website.

Members of the public are welcome to submit agenda items they wish to be discussed but these must be emailed/ posted to the Clerk at least 7 days prior to the meeting. Only items on the Agenda can be discussed at the Parish Council meeting.

Unless an extra meeting is called for a specific purpose, Council meeting agendas will include Apologies, Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, a Finance report and discussion of any current planning applications,  The agenda for the next meeting will be published on this page.  Please note that members of the public normally attend as observers rather than participants for items other than planning applications.


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