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Heading 5


Improvements to the Jubilee Field/future civil cemetery


The Parish Council is delighted to report that work has been carried out to make a parking area at the lower end of the field and a seating area at the top end, with two bench seats positioned to enjoy the view.  The cost of the car park will be met in part by a grant from the Quantock Hills National Landscape Access Fund.  The landscaping, seating and community orchard was financed by a combination of generous donations from local residents and a 75% grant from the Greater Quantock Landscape Development Fund (funded by EDF).  Although some damage to the grass was inevitable, care was taken to keep this to a minimum and the grass should soon regenerate.  We hope that this land will now be used more and prove a benefit to the community. Thanks to to all concerned, including Simon Bowditch who carried out the work.


Wilding Enmore Initiative


At the 16th May 2023 Parish Gathering Councillor Fiona Jackson made a presentation about the Wilding Enmore initiative - to improve ecosystems and increase biodiversity and sustainability.  Her presentation slides are available here and a copy of the Wilding Enmore Questionnaire is available here.  Anyone interested is welcome to participate both in discussions on the subject or in practice, whether you have a few square feet of land or many acres.  



With the prolonged period of wet weather during the Spring there have been flooded roads in the village, and overspill onto residents' properties.  The Parish Council regularly reports problems when it becomes aware of them but the best approach is to report this yourself using the form on the Somerset County Council website.  Here is the link (and it has been added to the Useful Links section of the website as well):  You have the facts and can give more accurate and current information about the position near your property.  However, it is helpful for the Clerk to know when you have made a report so that we can follow up if reports appear to be ignored.  

Missing signs

The Enmore village sign as you enter the village from the Spaxton/Barford direction
has gone missing, together with a "double bend" warning sign.
If you have any information about their disappearance or whereabouts, please tell us.


View to a Hill - report on the Quantock landscape

This report may be of interest and may be downloaded here.


Input please from all Council Tax payers


Your Parish Council exists to serve the residents.  Our income is almost all from the Parish element of your Council Tax and, once we have carried out our statutory duties, your money should be used to enhance the quality of life in the parish and meet local needs.  Grants may be available to assist in financing some projects and thus make them more affordable.  Please tell us your suggestions and also let us know if you hear of any potential additional funding



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