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The parish church of St Michael & All Angels, Enmore - Photo by Teresa Davis

The churchyard surrounding the parish church of St Michael & All Angels is nearly full.  In anticipation of its being closed to new burials, Enmore Parish Council bought some land for a future civil cemetery.  The Council has now put in road access and trees have been planted.  Planning permission is in place for some car parking and further landscaping.

The land has also been used for several village events, including the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations.


Left: Councillor Andrew Hucker planting a tree in the new cemetery land
         Photo by Donna Williams

Below: Platinum Jubilee party taking advantage of this beautiful site


Use of this land for burials is still some way off and, with no other community green space in the village, it is hoped to make this land better suited for recreational use, with some seating at the top right hand corner of the field, where the extensive views are best.  In addition, some fruit trees will be planted to give some shade and provide a small community orchard.  The original plans for a wild flower meadow are retained and some yellow rattle will be introduced to improve the variety of wild flowers (which do better with fewer nutrients in the soil).  We are currently in the process of making a grant application to the Greater Quantock Landscape Development Fund and will report back on developments.  This funding provides a good proportion of the costs involved and the balance of the cost has to be found within the community, including the Parish Council.  We are most grateful to the local residents who generously offered to sponsor a tree or contribute to a bench.  Even without a grant, some of this work should be achievable within the next six months.  None of these proposals for improved short-term use of the land is incompatible with longer-term use as a civil cemetery.  We also hope that Enmore School will make use of this land for field study and undertake projects such as monitoring the species present.

The planned work to provide hard standing for car parking at the lower end of the field has been postponed while the Parish Council investigates the possibility of grant funding towards this work (from the Quantock Hills AONB Access Fund).  External funding, when available, helps the Parish Council to give its Council Tax payers better value for money.

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